About Us

(Division of LZX Technology)

Singapore based, LZX Gaming (LZX Technology) has committed to build and deliver the ultimate gaming systems for the most discerning gamers.

Bridging the price and performance has always been our fundamentals, and focusing wholeheartedly on delivering a “Complete Gaming Experience”, we want gamers to own the best of technology that the computing industry has to offer.


Characteristics of LZX Gaming Desktops

All LZX Gaming Desktops are:

  1. Custom-Built by Certified LZX Gaming Specialists
  2. Truly your PC, (Personalization & Customization) to the best we can
  3. Assured of the Highest Quality Components in its Category
  4. Thermally Optimized (Air-Cooling or Water-Cooling)
  5. Quality Conformed (Over 70 points of components checks & 12 cycles of benchmarks tested)